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ECO offers a Seal of Accreditation to their members and numerous industry specific discounts and affiliate partnerships to their members. ECO accredited businesses save money on supplies and receive digital benefits to help build and grow their business. For more information on ECO Benefits visit our Benefits page here.
Yes. We highly recommend you add the ECO Seal to your website. This will show your customers you are environmentally friendly and encourage others to do the same. We also provide an ECO Source Code version of the Seal so it is easy to plugin to your existing website.
ECO takes environmental compliance very seriously. All accredited businesses have vowed under oath they would adhere to environmental compliance. We evaluate the situation presented and make a rational decision after hearing from both parties. To learn more on Reporting a business and the process we take after we have received a Complaint. Visit our Report Business tab here.
Yes! We recommend you ask your customers to compliment your business. This can help improve your ranking in the ECO Directory.
After you become an ECO Accredited Business you will receive a link to add your business to our ECO Directory. This will create, what is known as a Backlink. Although, we can not guarantee improvement in SEO, backlinks are one of the many important factors that Google and other search engines attribute to Off Page SEO techniques. To learn more about SEO & how ECO can help improve your businesses SEO presence contact ECO.


Yes. The only way to become an ECO Accredited Business is by taking the ECO Honor Oath online for $99 per year. Learn more about the ECO Honor Oath here.
No. It is not possible to fail the Honor Oath. The Honor Oath can only be not completed by the user. If you have not completed the Honor Oath you will not receive the Seals of Accreditation or link to add your business to the ECO Directory.
ECO does not offer refunds after paying for the Honor Oath. If you would like to cancel your ECO Accreditation, we can remove you from our Directory by contacting us here.
The Honor Oath is a fill in the blank pledge style oath submission. You must initial and agree to the statements provided. After completing the Honor Oath you will receive a certification.
The Honor Oath is an annual oath that is required for Accreditation to Environmental Cleaning Organization. If the oath is not taken annually you will have exactly 30 days to remove the ECO Seal from all your marketing materials including your website. We will also remove you from our ECO Directory and ECO Affiliate & Partnership websites after 30 days. For more information about these terms click here.