ECO Friendly Standards for the Cleaning Industry

ECO Friendly or Green Commercial Cleaning Products

Because cleaning products naturally flow back into the environment and can potentially impact critical water supplies as well as natural habitats, and because cleaning products can directly impact the health of both company employees and company clients, ECO members should routinely utilize products that do not contain hazardous chemicals or toxins such as chlorine or ammonia. ECO Accredited companies should check the EPA website for a list of hazardous cleaning agents and absolutely avoid these harmful products. Obviously, before purchasing a cleaning product, a careful review of the listed ingredients should be undertaken. The marketplace has ballooned with biodegradable and environmentally safe degreasers and enzymes for use by cleaning professionals. Visit the ECO Shop to easily order green cleaning supplies or simply research local products that maintain your environmental commitment.

ECO Friendly Cleaning Equipment

First of all, keeping equipment in excellent operating condition, helps to minimize any potential problems with equipment malfunctions. We recommend a daily checklist for equipment readiness. Innovative and state-of-the-art systems should be used to ensure your commitment to the environment. Again, visit the ECO Shop to review our selection of cleaning systems and equipment.

ECO Friendly Cleaning Procedures

Practice safe, environmentally friendly cleaning procedures by offering a thorough training program for all cleaning employees on the proper operation of
equipment and use of cleaning products. Employees should wear proper clothing, footwear and appropriate masks when needed to protect their health. OSHA, the office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has as its mission to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. ECO contractors should be aware of all industry-related OSHA rules and regulations.

Knowledge of EPA Regulation & Compliance

Conservation of water is another important ECO friendly goal. There are excellent wash water recovery and recycling systems, filtration attachments and other equipment that complies with governmental regulations regarding storm
drains and watersheds. ECO members should be aware of and comply with all EPA regulations and the Clean Water Act of 1972.

Knowledge of Required Licenses & State Regulations

This varies from state to state. For example, ADEQ, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, is the state environmental protection agency and all Arizona contractors need to be aware of the agency. Check your state regulators and follow their standards for operating your cleaning business. The municipality you live in may have stringent laws regarding licensing and regulations for your cleaning industry.