Report an Oath Violation

When you submit a report outlining what you believe to be a violation of the ECO Honor Oath by a business you have contracted to complete work for you, we will take the following steps in your behalf:

1. We will forward the violation document to the specified business in a timely manner (within 5 business days) to inform them of your concerns and to solicit an explanatory response from the contractor.

2. Please note that a representative from the company will have 10 business days to respond to your report. Upon receiving the contractor’s response, ECO will immediately email you a forwarded copy.

3. After reading the explanatory response, if you are not satisfied with the company representative’s statements, then we will immediately remove the contractor’s name from our ECO list of contractors if it is evident they are no longer committed to environmentally friendly industry practices and products. (An ECO Committee may determine that a company provides indisputable evidence that it did, in fact, adhere to ECO commitments, despite the violation report.)

4. If found in violation of their pledge, the company will also be expected to remove the ECO Accreditation Seal from their website and any other business related documents or marketing materials.

5. In the following fiscal year, the company will have an opportunity to present abundant information, to show that they have changed the offending practice or product and may once again become a member of ECO.

6. However, if there is a second reported violation that is verified, then the company will no longer be eligible for ECO Accreditation.

Please note that ECO will not become involved in any legal matter or dispute with any company that involves wrongdoings, civil suits or any other legal liabilities. Our only purpose is to serve as a consumer advocate, by providing a list of cleaning contractors who have pledged to use environmentally friendly practices and products. We have no control over any company’s lack of allegiance to their ECO commitments.

Report Claim on ECO Accredited Business

On what Date and Time did you witness this violation?