The multifaceted mission of the Environmental Cleaning Organization (ECO)

~ to serve as the cleaning industry’s professional guide in boosting
awareness of the critical importance of committing to environmentally sound
cleaning practices, products and equipment

~ to offer an ECO Accreditation Seal for websites and other business
documents that identifies for consumers, companies that have pledged to excel
in environmentally conscientious services

~ to provide a hub with meaningful ways to connect to other like-minded
professionals, affiliates, and product suppliers


After completing the Honor Exam your business has access to many benefits that will help your company succeed while staying green.

ECO Directory Submission

We submit your listing to ECO Directory where clients can search and find your business.

ECO Seal of Accreditation

Use your ECO Accredited Business logo on your website and marketing materials to show your customers you are Eco-friendly.

Discounts on Equipment

Accredited ECO members receive discounts on cleaning equipment to keep your business Eco-friendly.

Discounts on Supplies

We offer our Accredited businesses discounts on cleaning supplies from affiliates websites & suppliers.

ECO Affiliate Submissions

We submit your company to ECO affiliate websites that rank well for relevant cleaning phrases.

Affiliate Referrals

We have networked with hundreds of businesses in the cleaning industry and our network becomes your network when you become accredited.